Countdown to 30 days! ! ! ! [VPL Taiwan ACE8 Station, Meet You on Tour Island, Taiwan]

Taiwan is an oasis in the North Return Online. Let us explore this secret jewel together and return it to the fare. At the end of 2018, VPL Legend Poker will lead everyone to feel Taiwan together. When it comes to Taiwan, whether you have been there or not, the impression in your mind…the beauty of the city that has not been visited…the night market that has not been eaten Gourmet… The group of poker players in Taiwan… Just at this VPL Taiwan ACE8 station, we will swim together!

Legendary Poker and ACE8 International Poker Association are co-sponsors, aiming to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges, promote the cross-strait technological innovation, and jointly host the VPL Taiwan ACE8 station.

While competing and learning from cross-strait intellectual athletes, you can enjoy Taiwan’s scenery, diverse and meticulous, different corners, full of stories and touching feelings on the ground, waiting for you to come and experience this beautiful island.

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